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Each competitor will receive a Race Envelope containing a bib to be affixed to the handlebar of the MTB with the ties, a dorsal number to attached to the competitor’s back with the safety pins.
Subscribers through the INFINITY or EXCLUSIVE formula will receive a yellow Mythos bracelet, which, when worn, will allow access to the Pasta Party. In case of no-show of the bracelet, no exceptions will be made and it will not be possible to access the service.
Only by presenting their Race Envelopes will participants be able to collect their Race Packs. For members registered through the KINDL formula, the option will be crossed out and will not allow access to the service.

Each competitor registered through the INFINITY or EXCLUSIVE formula, will receive a Race Kit containing the official MYTHOS PRIMIERO DOLOMITI merchandising and products offered by event sponsors / suppliers.

There will be various refreshment points (solid and liquid), water points, and final refreshment on arrival.
Refreshment points will have isotonic drinks, water, fruit juices, sugary drinks, bakery products and confections, chocolate, dried fruit and nuts, bananas, cheese, ham, and speck (bacon).

The free service of showers, toilets and changing rooms is provided at the Palestra Vallombrosa - Via Montegrappa - Fiera di Primiero. Bike washing will be set up in the parking lot adjacent to the facility.

The car parking areas will be those indicated by road signs and highlighted by the event’s logistic signage. It is forbidden to park outside of the marked areas. Campervans will be able to park only in designated, equipped areas. It is forbidden to park outside of these areas.

The complete signage will be prepared during the week of the event, identifying hazardous points, technical descents, refreshment points, mountain grand prix, and kilometres to the finish (in descending order). The beginning of each climb will be identified by a sign indicating the characteristics (distance, elevation gain, slope). The GPX tracks of the three routes will still be downloadable from the website.

The colours of the bibs indicate the different starting grids and departure times. The bib must be positioned and clearly visible on the handlebar of the mountain bike using the plastic ties included in the Race Envelope. The black and white dorsals for all athletes must be fixed to the back of their jerseys with the safety pins.

Personal chip systems or ones hired (with a deposit) from a specialized company will be used for timing.

The rankings will become available immediately after arrival of the first riders in the marked area of the finish area. They will also be published on the website of the event, with updates every 30 minutes.

The catering service (first course of your choice, second course, side dish, dessert, water) will be active inside the Palestra Vallombrosa - Via Montegrappa - Fiera di Primiero on Saturday 9th September 2023, from 13:00 to 18:00. Those entitled may obtain the lunch wearing the personalized Mythos bracelet or by purchasing the voucher from the race secretariat.

A first aid service will be active along the route, with doctors, fixed positions, ambulances, and walking teams of the Red Cross and Alpine Rescue, and an Advanced Medical Post at the finish.

The entire route will be manned at significant and hazardous points by personnel from the Civil Protection, Alpine Rescue, Financial Police and Volunteer Fire Brigade services, radio linked with the Fiera di Primiero operational headquarters.

A mechanical assistance service will be located in the start/finish area, managed by the Organizing Committee, for technical assistance emergencies (inflation, repair kits, inner tubes, tools, chains).
For any consumable materials, payment will be required from the athlete after arrival at the finish line.
There will also be four fixed mechanical assistance stations along the way.
At the same points, route clearance vehicles are provided for the recovery of participants and their transport to Fiera di Primiero.

Participants who, on registration, filled in the mobile number field, will receive free SMS messages with various information and the individual race result.

Participants who, on registration, filled in the email address field, will receive free emails with various information.

Profiles dedicated to the event will be active via Facebook and Instagram social media channels.